Faith Busters is a weekly show dealing with the issues and people that can steal your faith. The show is a humorous look at the


Where would we be without our cell phones? More improtantly - how are you using them? There are certainly good ways to tweak your cell phone use so it's more "Earthly and Heavenly Good." On this episode, Mark and Dave discuss ways to use your cellular attachment for good and how mobile device use in the church has changed over recent years, even in the pulpit. 

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In part two of our shows on dating we look at the terrifying travails of online dating fromt he perspective of Carrie Lloyd, a pastor and author of countless relationship articles as well as her latest book, "Prude." From eHarmony to Match to Christian Mingle we take a look a hard look at the pitfalls and barriers online dating presents us with and some common sense advice on how to survive dating in the 2010's.  

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For many, Divorce and moving on is hard enough, but when you are ready to share your life with someone again - the "fun" begins.  Dating after divorce is not for the faint of heart.  Joining us to discuss the topic is Psychologist Karla Downing and Author Shana Schutte who have both written much on the subject. We talk about everything from knowing when you're ready (if ever) and how to blend families responsibly.  

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