Faith Busters is a weekly show dealing with the issues and people that can steal your faith. The show is a humorous look at the


When you look at the world around us and the countries where Christians are being persecuted, or at the very least having their rights taken away - do we really need to be fighting for religious liberty in a country that, for the most part, protects us?  Is there a dearth of religious liberty in the U.S.?  Are we fighting a problem that doesn't exist? Mark and Dave discuss it on this edition of Faith Busters. 

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Mark and Dave ask one of those obvious questions that no one seems to ask IN the church (because plenty talk about it - outside of the church) - why in the world do we need all those churches? Can't you guys just merge? Don't churches get along, is that why they start their own? Mark believes it's like a baseball or hockey coach that starts their own team to get their kids more playing time. Dave comes at this from a very different viewpoint, which makes for some interesting discussion on this edition of Faith Busters

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