Faith Busters is a weekly show dealing with the issues and people that can steal your faith. The show is a humorous look at the


Many evangelical churches align with the conservative Republican views of the day, and in this case, views on immigration.  Mark and Dave discuss the mentality of "we're here so no one else gets in" as being contrary to the biblical views we as Christians should have and the belief that this same viewpoint is hypocritical in a country built on refugees and immigration.  

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On this episode of Faithbusters, Mark and Dave welcome Twyla Franz, who blogs about and has a podcast discussing Neighborhood Missional Living - in other words, how about engaging your neighbors as part of your faith?  The old statement "don't go on the mission field until you meet your neighbors" still holds true today.  Twyla, an admitted introvert, has made it HER mission to engage the people in her community and neighborhood.  You can find her writing at 


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On this episode we conclude our "Four Biggest Issues" discussion looking at whether Christian teaching is outdated, dangerous and extreme and how the church has become isolated, fragmented and polarized.  Mark and Dave look at whether any of this is true and what we can do to counter these observations from today's disaffected church goers. 

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