Faith Busters is a weekly show dealing with the issues and people that can steal your faith. The show is a humorous look at the


On a regular basis, Mark discusses divorce and porn being the two biggest issues the church has found itself ill equipped to handle and on our latest episode, we talk with Mike Genung, CEO of Blazing Grace, who has spent most of his adult life helping people with porn addictions.  Author of the new book, The Rogue Christian, Genung discusses the rise of porn use in the pandemic and what families need to do to escape its grip. 

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The Covid-19 outbreak has brought out the best in our churches as they've scrambled to serve their congretation through social media and web broadcasting.  Some have been better at it than others. Church consultant Andy McKeever who works in the Detroit area with one of the area's largest churches, Woodside Bible (14 campuses) discusses the behind the scenes work that's gone into moving its congregation online and what churches might look like at the end of the "Pandemic." 

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