Faith Busters is a weekly show dealing with the issues and people that can steal your faith. The show is a humorous look at the

About Mark and Pastor Dave

December 12, 2016

Mark Gilman and Pastor Dave Gerber are long-time friends who actually met in a very unusual circumstance (ask them) and became decades long friends. 

Mark was a radio host and operations manager for more than 15 years on stations from Tucson to Albuquerque to Austin to Washington DC (where he won National Religious Broadcasters Talk Show of the Year) to Houston and finally Detroit.   Dave has been a long time church pastor and police chaplain and now serves full-time in the Hospice Chaplain ministry.  Both have long wanted to host a show like Faith Busters to counteract a lot of the tragedy, life stuff and sometimes nonsense that keeps people from growing in their faith.  Mark is married and lives in the East Lansing area and Dave is married and hails from the far northern Detroit suburbs. 

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